You Can’t Avoid Touching Things During Covid-19

The verdict is still out on exactly how often COVID-19 is transmitted by touching various surfaces. Experts know the virus lives for a number of hours or days, and spread does occur from contacting the virus and touching areas of the face. For most people, it’s just too easy to forget essential precautions during your day. Failing to protect yourself in public spaces has the serious potential to affect you and others. Here are some things to consider for safer public outings.

Know Where You Plan to Go

COVID-19 has ushered in a new normal. People may not want to think about how to move around a grocery store, but the truth is lives may now depend upon specific actions. When buying groceries, remember you will be touching the same cart and products as many others. Don’t take a trip to the store or go on a public outing without first considering your contact possibilities. The point is not to drive yourself crazy with worry. It’s simply knowing how best to avoid exposure. Make assessments of what you normally do and plan accordingly.

Remember the Clean Routine

Not wanting to get your hands dirty is good self-protection, but contact is inevitable. Experts agree that you should regularly wash your hands. However, in public places, it’s typically more efficient to have hand sanitizer or disposable wipes handy. One-use gloves don’t provide as much protection as people think, and contamination remains a problem. A grab hook with rubber tip can be useful for opening doors and pushing on keypads or elevator buttons. The best part is you don’t have to touch anything, and cleanup is a breeze. Keep helpful sanitizing products on hand at all times. Focus on creating necessary habits and not on inconvenience.

Adapt a New Outlook

The easiest way to assimilate these small but important changes is by tweaking your habits a bit. Individuals are consistently becoming more efficient at multitasking. This is one more thing to add to your list. Thinking this way will make you feel less overwhelmed about being underprepared. Much like any safety measures, it just takes a little thought and preparation.

The axiom an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure was never truer. It’s an important time to take steps to avoid COVID-19 exposure. There are plenty of products to help keep you safe, as you go about your new daily practices.

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