Why men fail to visit a doctor

It is common knowledge that men rarely visit any doctor or their doctor compared to their female counterparts, despite the fact that due to their nature of work, men will generally tend to be more exposed to physical accidents, acts of violence and even general illness. Men will tend to trust in themselves. There are several reasons for this and we shall address them in this article.

Male ego:

The male ego is a major factor that contributes to men not visiting any health facility whenever they are faced with health issues. This is because a man is seen to be fragile if they admit to feeling any discomfort or confess to having a specific medical issue. It is more likely that they will try out herbal treatment, go to the gym and engage in other forms of physical exercise rather than go see a doctor. In the modern-day and due to changing trends where men are no longer held back by social norms, they can even go and get procedures from plastic surgeons to increase their masculinity as well as enhance their physical looks. The surgery is helpful in giving the best skin therapy. In this way, for example, they would not need to go to the gym for a long period to achieve their desired body physique. This can be attained through Dr. Moon blog .

Norms and customs:

Traditionally, it has been the function of the ladies to take care of both the children and their partners. Therefore, it is the lady who will tend to link them up with a doctor and in the process, the man will not have any intimate knowledge concerning how the doctor operates or even have any quick medical contacts available to him. Thus, when a man is faced with medical problems the first instinct will be to go to his mother or female companion for consultation, rather than seeking out immediate medical attention. Men will in this situation seek out a doctor only when it is an emergency. On the other hand, women are in more contact with the doctor generally because they might be going in for a gynecological exam or taking in a sick kid. The men will have more apprehension towards the doctor as they lack familiarity with them and this will tend to put off males from the medical clinics.

Emotional threshold:

Men have a different threshold of pain compared to the women, with this in mind they will give different answers to the doctors. At the same time, they will also cope with pain in different ways and men will try to see out the pain instead of seeking out medical attention. This can be attributed to the male trait of being stoic where men are seen to be cold and emotionally withdrawn. This has a significant role in some of the mental and physical disorders that men go through as opposed to women who will speak out more if they are in pain or distress. Also, the men will not want to go for a medical assessment because they are unwilling to deal with the diagnosis they will receive and they would rather not know what is wrong with their physical being.

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