How Summer Blues Can Trigger Negative Body Image and What You Can Do About It

Think Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) only happens during winter? As it turns out, one can experience SAD even in the middle of summer. Summertime blues actually exists, but then, it presents itself differently from winter blues. The opposite actually happens when one is experiencing depression during summer.

What Summertime Blues Does to Your Health

When it comes to winter blues, we often have low energy. We would rather sleep and stay indoors all day, only coming out of hibernation to eat. And when we eat, we eat a lot, and we often gain weight.

But as summer approaches, we panic knowing there will be a lot of exposed skin due to the hot weather. We do the opposite by exercising more, pushing ourselves to eat less, and trying to achieve that summer body.

Summertime blues can affect people of all ages. You may not be struggling with a mental health condition or do have no problems with your eating habits. But the season often makes us feel like we need to do more to look and feel better.

Many feel more dissatisfied with their body when trying on their summer clothes. It is not just about the more revealing clothing we wear that triggers poor body image and negative self-talk. It is the fact that everyone is raving about dieting, working out, and airbrushed models that makes everyone susceptible to questioning their body image.

All of these lead to increased depression and anxiety. It becomes easier to obsess about shedding some weight, fitting into a swimsuit a few sizes smaller than your usual size, and engaging in unhealthy self-talk.

Fighting Summertime Blues the Healthy Way

Simply allowing your triggers to negatively affect your body image will only lead to costly repercussions. Different things can trigger your summertime blues. But there are things you can do to boost your self-confidence and still do this the healthy way.

Talk to the Pros

There are things worth consulting the professionals instead of simple online research and recommendations from a friend or influencer. Remember that not everything that is effective for someone will work on everyone. We all have different body types and our varying situations can make it complicated to achieve our individual goals.

For instance, you’ve been struggling with acne every summer, and has been your major insecurity ever since. You tried all possible remedies recommended by your loved ones and online. Consulting with an experienced dermatologist is your next best option to finally manage your acne insecurities.

If your weight is your main problem, then talk to your attending physician first instead of trying extreme diets and exercise regimes. Sometimes, people can have underlying conditions that stop them from achieving that summer body they have always wanted. Knowing the main reason why you can’t lose weight is the first step to a healthy weight loss.

Do you have anxiety or depression? Or maybe you are now struggling with an eating disorder? Know that there is no shame in seeking professional help as the pros can actually help you get over your situation with the right intervention.

Take Self-Care Seriously

We often continue to disregard healthy habits in hopes of achieving a summer bod. If you really want to feel good and look good, you need to realize that self-care comes first.

Eat a balanced diet on time and stay active. Get enough sleep and rest whenever you need it. Indulge in things that you enjoy and you will feel happier and healthier.

With proper self-care, you get to reduce your stress triggered by the need to look good in the summer. This then helps promote a better body image and improve your confidence. You learn how to love and respect yourself more and not worry too much about what other people have to say.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

The people you choose to keep close can either help you achieve your health and fitness goals or not. So, be careful who you surround yourself with. Choose to be with people who support your healthy lifestyle and stay away from negativity and toxicity.

Last but not the least, remind yourself that beauty is never skin-deep. Everyone is beautiful in their own little ways. We all come in different shapes and sizes and that‘s what makes us beautiful and unique.

Learn how to accept and appreciate your body. If it is strong and healthy, then there is no need to prove to everyone that it is beautiful and good enough for the summer. But if losing a bit of weight and having flawless skin makes you happy, then choose to do this the healthy way.

One’s body image can be internal and external. But since we cannot control how others view ourselves, we should focus on what we can control. If we simply let summertime blues ruin our summer, then we will fail to enjoy the season. Focus on improving yourself for your sake alone. If you intend to chase after a summer-ready body, do it the healthy way.

Meta title: Fighting Summertime Blues: How Summer Can Ruin Your Health
meta desc: Many people thought they can only experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the cold season. As it turns out, summer blues exists and can harm one’s health in many ways.

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