Causes of Elbow Joint Cracks and Pain

The body’s musculoskeletal system makes up one of the most vital components. The elbow is made up of a joint that comprises three bones. The elbow makes the hand versatile, thereby making it more flexible. Nevertheless, you are able to hug, lift, throw, swing and any other hand movements thanks to your elbow. The bones which make up the elbow include the forearm bones; ulna and radius and the bone in your upper arm called the humerus. It also contains cartilages that absorb shocks. Generally, your elbow might be affected by so many kinds of injuries. These kinds of incidences might happen to anyone at any age. However, they might occur only once in a lifetime and they might cause the cracking sound and pain;

Sprains and Strains

A sprain occurs when your ligaments get torn or they stretch undesirably. On the other hand, a strain occurs when your muscles get torn or stretch undesirably. Moreover, one can also get a strain when a lot of pressure is put on the muscles in the elbow, like during sports or when lifting heavy things.


An elbow dislocates when any bone in the joint gets dislodged. This may happen when you stretch your hand to save yourself in the case of a fall. This type of elbow injury requires immediate medical attention.


An elbow fracture occurs when any bone in the elbow joint breaks. This may happen when the joint gets jolted suddenly. It may occur during an accident or sports. It normally comes with a lot of pain; one should seek immediate medical attention when it occurs. In addition to the injuries above, any elbow cracking followed by pain is caused by a myriad of reasons which include the following:


Osteoarthritis is a condition that occurs when the bones’ cartilage wears down. The role of the cartilage is to protect and cushion the bone at the end. Furthermore, it also absorbs shocks. In the event that the elbow joint is overused, it wears down. One of the causes of this kind of damage is repetitive action. Additionally, one will experience a lot of pain and the joint will become stiff. A cracking or grating noise might also emanate from the joint. This may cause you to experience loss of movement which will be displayed by the inability to straighten the elbow. Moreover, due to this an inflammation may form leading to discomfort and cracking.


A fatigued elbow is brought about when your elbow gets extremely tired by the normal motions that you mostly carry out. It might be normal to carry out these actions and yet they are stressing the elbow. Although as human beings we were created to carry out various tasks, at times it becomes too much for our bodies when we overuse certain parts like the elbow joint. This brings about an upsurge of the Synovial fluid and Nitrogen gas. This fluid is naturally found in all the joints in our bodies and it’s a joint lubricant.

Tennis Elbow

This is a deteriorating and excruciating condition that is not related to tennis. Although sports players and tennis players may also be susceptible to it, it is brought by straining or overusing the muscles of the elbow. This may be brought by normal tasks that cause you to carry out repetitive actions which constantly move the elbow. These actions might be related to the forearm or wrist. If you suspect that you might be suffering from the Tennis Elbow, you should contact a doctor immediately before it worsens.

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