Which VT1 Vision Screener Edition Is Right for You?

A vision screening test is not something that most people think about until they need it. Whether you are looking to get your driver’s license or you work in the occupational health field, a vision screening test is required for certain circumstances.

But what is a vision screening?

Vision screening is a routine eye test that determines whether or not there are problems with your eyes. The main objective of this exam is diagnosing, treating, and preventing potential eye conditions. Several pieces of equipment can be used in a screening to determine the status of your eye health.

There are many different types of vision screening equipment on the market to choose from, but today we’ll take a look at Depisteo’s VT1 Vision Screener. The VT1 Vision Screener by Depisteo is a state-of-the-art medical device that can detect eye problems in minutes.

Here are the three main types of VT1 Vision Screener.

The 3 VT1 Vision Screener Editions You Should Know

1. VT1 Vision Screener for DMV

Before you can even hope to get your driver’s license, your driving aptitude will be tested alongside the usual driver’s tests. As you may know, licensing centers often get a little hectic due to the high number of applicants waiting to take the necessary tests to obtain their license. The VT1 Vision Screener for DMV will help streamline the vision test to be more time efficient..

This medical device can perform various driver acuity tests–all of which can be done within 5 minutes. Just imagine all the time that you could save for everyone at the DMV.

The best part about the VT1 Vision Screener is that the test sequences can be customized to your liking. This enables you to save more time and encourage efficiency. If you get the EMR software package, you’ll be glad to know that the screener is compatible with the software as well.

2. VT1 Vision Screener for Occupational Health

Many occupational health professionals have encountered patients with visual impairments while providing rehabilitative care. This is more likely to happen when working with older patients.

Unfortunately, vision problems can negatively impact the occupational performance of the patient.

This is why vision screeners for occupational health are a must to provide comprehensive rehabilitative care. The VT1 Vision Screener for Occupational Health is a high-performance device for use in the occupational health field. This highly extensive equipment includes all relevant vision screening tests for occupational therapy patients.

As with all Depisteo Vision Screeners, the tests can be customized to include only those attributes that the therapist needs.

 3. VT1 Vision Screener for Child Screening

Children need good vision to get the most out of their education. A child’s visual performance can significantly impact his or her learning abilities while in school. Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence that eye exams conducted by schools may not be accurate.

Depisteo’s VT1 Vision Screeners are built to comprehensively test a child’s visual acuity. School optometrists can quickly and easily perform eye tests, such as depth perception, color blindness, acuity, hyperopia, and more.

Aside from the usual vision screener functions, the VT1 Vision Screener can be customized to include only the relevant sequences that you need.

Why Choose VT1 Vision Screener?

If you want to save a great deal of time and add more efficiency to your business operation, the VT1 Vision Screener is a great medical tool to have.

VT1 screeners are very user-friendly and offer a wide range of functions. The best benefit of getting the VT1 Vision Screener by Depisteo is customization. The device can be programmed to include only test sequences that you need so your business can conduct faster and more efficient vision screenings.

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