Marijuana and Arthritis

Around 23% of people across the USA have some form of arthritis. The disease can affect a number of age groups but is most common in the aging population. There is no current cure for arthritis but using cannabis can be a worthwhile treatment for the condition.

Causes of Arthritis

Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints and the surrounding tissues. Symptoms of arthritis can vary based on the nature of the stiffness, inflammation and the pain that a person experiences. Arthritis can begin to affect a person’s mobility depending on how bad the condition gets. Rather than facing limitations and restrictions in day to day life, a person can work at treating pain and inflammation with cannabis products. Cannabis can be extremely powerful for treating the symptoms of arthritis. Activating CB2 receptors works to reduce osteoarthritis pain as well as assist with reducing inflammation which stands as one of the main causes for arthritis.

Regular Use of Medical Marijuana

The regular use of medical marijuana for chronic pain will reduce the symptoms of arthritis over time. Affecting this system can help to reduce the pain of arthritis and repair damaged nerves over time as well. By reducing the symptoms of pain, inflammation and working to improve damaged nerve health, it is possible for a nerve to begin to block the firing of pain symptoms again.

If you or a loved one has suffered from arthritis for some time, taking a chance and trying out medical marijuana could be one of the best ways to manage this condition and to reduce the ongoing pain associated with arthritis over time!

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