Do You Want to Pass A Drug Test? Use Macujo Method For Your Hair

Passing a hair drug test is not that simple, and it requires a specific understanding of what you can and cannot do along the way. Procedures for detoxification exist, but the safest way is to avoid altogether consumption of anything that may cause you to fail.

Since you can find numerous ways to tamper with urinalysis, the logical reaction by employers was a transition from urine to a hair drug test.

Of course, urine tests are still the most common due to their affordable price tag, but the standard is changing, and in the next few years this analysis may be the norm.

When it comes to passing a test without abstinence, you should consider Phenomenica – Hair Drug Test Shampoo for more information. The idea is to follow specific guidelines that will allow you to improve the general chances of success, but you have to be thorough.

As soon as you start with detox, you should throw away old pick, comb or brush and buy a new one instead. The solution is to boil the old ones in the water and clean them afterward with alcohol so that you can avoid causing further issues.

The Macujo Method is one of the most efficient ways to pass this particular type of screening. The idea is to use specific chemicals that will affect pH levels of your hair, which will ultimately lead to deep cleaning and removing of unwanted substances such as drug byproducts.

Things You Should Know About Hair Analysis

It is vital to understand that drug metabolites, as well as byproducts, will enter your hair through the bloodstream, which means that ultimately, you will fail the test.

Have in mind that abstinence is the best way for passing because for each week you stay clean, you will get new 1/8-inch of clean hair. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is to affect the overall balance of your hair.

1.5-inches are a minimum specimen size that administrators have to take from you at the medical facility. Since it tends to grow approximately 0.5-inches per month, they can detect everything you consumed in the last three months.

The best way to get familiar with this particular topic is by checking here.

If your hair is longer than 1.5-inches, and it is clean, you should know that you do not require haircut in general. The idea is to cut it down to 1.5-inches in case that you are a chronic user. On the other hand, if you occasionally smoke weed, you do not have to do it.

In case that you are bold, we recommend you to let it grow for a while if it can. Try not to trim or shave it along the way. The main reason for that is that they will think that you wanted to pass the test, which will increase the suspicion, and that is something you do not need.

Try not to shave it for between one and ten weeks, and it will be three times longer than those in your body. It is useless to use this particular method if you have shorter hair than ΒΌ-inch because in that case, you will cleanse oily skin and cause severe irritations as well.

Why Should You Avoid Giving Body Hair Specimen?

Since the body hair tends to grow at a different pace than the head, your body may feature three times more toxin levels than the samples used from your head.

According to experts, it grows three times slower than the one on the head, which means that you will need much more time to cleanse thoroughly. At the same time, it is coarser and thicker than head hair, which will result in more drug metabolites than the head.

Imagine that you have to conduct the Macujo Method on all your body hair. That is almost impossible because you cannot hold armpits for half an hour after applying salicylic shampoo. Therefore, you will cause severe irritation to your skin, chest, legs, arms, and back as well.

Therefore, now you understand why you should avoid giving body hair as a sample for analysis. The best way to avoid this particular problem is to trim all your body to a minimum, which are 1/8-inches of it.

By doing this, you will have too small specimens, which means that they will use the ones found on your head instead.

Check out the regulations in the Department of Transportation when it comes to drug testing on this particular site:

What About Men With Beards?

If you wish to pass a drug test, we recommend you to clear your face from beard for the same reasons we mentioned above for the body samples.

Have in mind that you should try everything in your power to give sample from your head because that way you will have better control.

That is something you have to remember before you enroll and engage.

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