How to Choose Your Perfect Bed Frame Style

The importance of good sleep for a healthy and happy life is known to everyone. As such, you must choose a mattress that matches your style, sleeping situation, and lifestyle.

Most people overlook the power of a bed frame when it is equally crucial to get the right mattress. The following tips will help you find the perfect bed frame style that will look and work great for the years to come.

Bed Frame Considerations

When buying a bed frame, use the following list to help you narrow down your options:

  • Size- Whether you have a 12-inch queen mattress or a California king mattress, the bed frame should fit it perfectly. If you’re keeping your mattress, use that as your size guide.
  • Height- A higher bed frame is ideal for people with mobility issues, while a platform bed is suitable for people who like to stay low to the ground.
  • Functionality– You might also want to look for functionalities like storage units and the ability to accommodate an adjustable mattress.
  • Price– You will be spending one-third of your life sleeping, so it’s worth investing in the right bed frame for quality and durability. While the average person spends about $1,000 on a new bed frame, know your financial limit, and stick to it.
  • Assembly and Disassembly– How easy is it to order and set up the frame? How will it be delivered? How easy is it to take it apart if you move? Check whether the assembly service comes for free or at a cost.

Bed Frame Designs

From panel to canopy and old school to vintage, here is a list of bed frame designs to consider:

  • Platform– Perfect for small spaces, platform bed frames eliminate the need for bulky box springs. Their rows of flexible wooden slats can support heavy mattresses.
  • Panel– Flat, tall, decorated panels of wood are used to make the beds’ headboard and footboard. Like platform beds, panel beds feature side rails enabling the use of box spring and mattress.
  • Sleigh– As the name suggests, the sleigh bed features a scrolled head and footboards made from heavy wood. Sleigh frames come in aluminum, steel, and iron materials as well.
  • Storage– An ideal solution for people who are short on space, storage beds have built-in drawers to store absolutely anything of your choice. This is an excellent option for children to store toys or clothes.
  • Adjustable– You can raise the feet or the head of the bed and help relieve pain and stress by keeping you in the right position.
  • Trundle– A trundle bed is a twin-sized bed and sofa in one to use for anything from lounging to sleeping, reclining, and more.
  • Poster– A poster bed comes with four vertical columns, one at each corner. You can get them in pointed, rounded, square, or any other shape you prefer.
  • Canopy– These beds look similar to the poster bed frames, but all posts are connected to form a canopy. Based on your preference, you can add draping to enclose the frame or leave it open.
  • Wrought Iron– This design often features scrollwork in the head and footboards. Since they are made of wrought iron, they tend to be heavy and sturdy.
  • Spindle–Spindle bed frames have spindles on the headboard to create a headboard and sometimes a footboard.

Bed Ensemble Styles

Beyond the bed frames and aspects, bed ensemble styles are what truly transform your bedroom into the ultimate haven. Here are a few design style tips for creating that space:

  • Mid-Century Modern– Focused on the popular designs from the mid-1940s to early 1960s, this style feature streamlined elements, organic shapes, and minimalism. Natural materials make an integral part of the mid-century modern design.
  • Cottage– Cottage style features casual, laid-back, light, and airy designs that lean more towards a simple and natural look.
  • Scandinavian– Often trimmed down and streamlined, this design involves a lot of texture—raw woods, natural textiles, stone—floral patterns, and lacy bedding. Many people who prefer the Scandinavian style opt for platform and spindle frames.
  • Traditional– The traditional style uses antiques, regal bed frames, and rich colors for bedding. You can never go wrong with a four-poster bed with intricate carvings and colorful bedding.
  • Art Deco– Bold patterns, eye-catching finishes, rich fabrics, and unique furniture like a bed frame with a tufted headboard are the Art Deco style’s signature elements.
  • Contemporary– Think clean, straight lines, minimalism, and neutral colors—these are what the modern style is all about. Tone-on-tone and crisp over curved are the two vital aspects of this style. Black, gold, or silver canopy bed frames are perfect to create a contemporary style.
  • Modern Farmhouse– A genuinely American style, the farmhouse design combines new with rustic to create a space that feels well-loved and lived-in. Cottage and wrought iron bed frames work well with this style.
  • Minimalist– An uncomplicated design, minimalist design, as the name suggests, includes no adornments, extra clutter, or excess of anything.

Choose The Perfect Bed Frame

Buying a new bed frame seems like a simple process. However, once you start shopping, you will realize how tough it gets with numerous options. Knowing your requirements before heading out to the market and what to look for in a quality bed frame will help you find the best options quickly.

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