The Decline of the American Smoker

Smoking is considered a bad habit by millions of people. This is one lifestyle activity that has been routinely attacked by various health groups and organization, anti-smoking coalitions and individuals with a grudge against cigarettes. Commercials, short movie infomercials and advertisements are constantly being blasted against the use of cigarettes in society. All these factors and many more have led to the decline of smoking within American society.

American Smoking Trends in 2019

According to CBS News, America’s smoking trend has declined to 15% in 2016. That means about 38 million adults (and some teens) continue to smoke. While this might seem like a high number it has down from numbers in the past. At least 20% of all Americans smoked cigarettes back in 2005.

So, smoking as a habit is declining. Keep in mind that certain groups of people continue to smoke. People who are Native American, did not graduate high school and/or are members of the LGBTQ communities have a higher chance of smoking. Also, men (in general) smoke more than any other group of people and people making less than $35,000 a year are higher smokers as well. Still, there are fewer people smoking less today than they did in the past.

The Reasons Why Smoking Has Declined

The primary reason why smoking has declined has to do with the different strategies used to attack this habit. First, let’s explain why so many people are hell bent on eliminating the activity of smoking. The CDC states that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death. Stop right there. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – cigarette related diseases and deaths can be prevented or stopped. This simply means that millions of people choose to smoke to develop chronic illnesses or to bring about death.

This is why so many organizations are using strategies that attacks this bad habit on different fronts. They on purposely overtax cigarettes to frustrate people from buying them. Tobacco control programs are put into place to keep strict control over products, government passes smoke free laws in public places and extreme anti-smoking media campaigns are utilized to get people to kick this habit. Some workplaces are so against the habit of smoking that they use smoking tests to help eliminate this habit. Cigarette testing for any nicotine / cotinine can helps employers to figure out who is going to cost them more for health coverage in the future.

Businesses and Insurance Companies want to Keep Health Cost Under Control

No smart business or insurance company want to pay out extra money for health problems related to smoking. For example, if 50% of all employees at an organization smoke cigarettes and they all get sick in the near future; their healthcare costs could cause their employers some serious financial strain or to go out of business. The bottom line is that smoking is a preventable thing.

Health insurance providers will raise the rates for covering a person who smokes. They know the risk. Companies just don’t want to have to pay out more money to help a sick person because of their preventable smoking habit. So, they too play a critical role with persuading people not to smoke. Ultimately, smoking trends remain high within some segments of the population. However, the habit of smoking is steadily declining among the whole entire U.S. population.

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