Why N95 Masks Has Become Important for Consumers, Industry and Healthcare?

Many of you may be working in a profession, where possibly you are with many other people, at a place where there are higher chances of inhaling certain fumes or substances, which are too toxic or dangerous for human health.

There is a possibility that you are exposed to few substances like airborne or blood borne pathogens, which makes it very important that you must protect all your workers. Also, according to legal requirements, you must protect your workers.

There are many companies who may claim that they are using safe face masks. However, you can be fully assured about their health safety only if you select products, which is approved by any responsible institution or body whom you can really trust.

N95 respirators are one example of personal protective equipment, which can be used for protecting the wearer from any airborne particles as well as from liquid contamination. Various national safety institutions and bodies have approved the use of N95 respirators.

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N95 respirators

N95 respirator is a well-known respiratory protective device, which has been designed to achieve very close fit to our facial profile and can offer very efficient filtration from all kind of airborne particles.

Here you must note that edges of these respirators are designed to create a seal all around your nose and mouth. In the health care sectors, use of these surgical N95 respirators is very common. Few other subsets of the Filtering Face-piece Respirators which is also called FFRs is often referred as N95s.

There are few similarities between surgical masks with surgical N95s which are:

  1. Both these have been tested for their fluid resistance, flammability and filtration efficiency which includes particulate filtration efficiency as well as bacterial filtration efficiency and biocompatibility.
  2. You are not supposed to share these masks or cannot be reused.

Few precautions for N95 respirator

  1. Those who are suffering from chronic cardiac, respiratory or other type of medical conditions, which make their breathing problematic, should consult their doctors before using this N95 respirator. This is because N95 respirator will make it even more difficult for them to breathe.
  2. Few models have got exhalation valves, which can make breathing little easier and can help reduce heat build-up. However, you must remember that N95 respirators having exhalation valves that must not be used, if sterile conditions will be needed.
  3. Almost all FDA-approved N95 respirators will be labeled “single-use,” and hence it is disposable device. If your respirator gets soiled or damaged or if your breathing becomes too difficult, then you must remove or discard the respirator properly to get it replaced with a new one.
  4. For safely discarding your N95 respirator, you must place it in certain plastic bag and then throw it in a trash. You must wash your hands when you do away with the used respirator.
  5. These N95 respirators have not been designed for young children or those with facial hair.