5 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

Sometimes it’s pretty obvious when you should go to an emergency dentist for urgent care. Sometimes it’s not. Although most of us would be more than happy to put off that dental appointment (and far too many of us actually do), an emergency dental visit is not so easily ignored or avoided. You could be suffering from a serious dental issue that needs immediate attention.

So, do you need an emergency dentist? Let’s review the five signs that you do indeed require and should seek out good emergency dental care:

1. Fractured or Broken Tooth

This one is typically the most obvious indicator of a serious dental emergency. You will know it by the severe pain you are likely to experience due to your tooth being broken or missing from inside your mouth. A chipped tooth typically won’t cause extreme pain, however, if you are feeling any sort of discomfort after you chip a tooth, call a dentist.

The expediency of the situation could help you save your tooth should it be knocked out. Be sure to drop it in a cup of milk while you are arranging for dental care.

2. Toothaches

Pain of any kind is going to warrant a visit to your emergency dentist. In the case of a persistent toothache without any evident reason, you may deal with an infection. But in order to find out why you are feeling this discomfort, you need to have the problem diagnosed. Try to identify the source of the pain with your finger near the affected tooth. If you find a bump you may have an abscessed tooth.

Additional symptoms like fever and swelling of the face are definite signals you need to go to a dentist immediately.

3. Bleeding Gums

Many gums will bleed after you floss, so nothing to worry about there. If, on the other hand, your gums start to bleed for no reason and it continues unabated or accompanied by pain or swelling, you will need to go the dentist for assistance. The faster you diagnose the cause of the problem, the quicker you can treat it.

4. Swollen Mouth or Jaw

Since this could be happening for any number of things from an infection to a swollen lymph node, any signs of swelling are cause for concern and should not be ignored or neglected. You could be dealing with some form of gum disease and if it’s an infection, you run the risk of it becoming a lot worse. Don’t play games with infections, especially those that cause your face or jaw to swell up.

5. Loose Crown or Missing Filling

An open filling is going to cause a cavity. You need to close up the opening or you could run the risk of a larger cavity or even infection. You may not realize a filling has gone missing so you may taste something metallic in your mouth. A crown is a little easier to detect as having come loose, but you may still have a similar taste if that occurs as well.

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