Do You Have an Addiction to Prescription Painkillers? Look for the Signs

No one aims to be a drug addict in life. What typically happens more and more today, is that some people are experiencing problems after being prescribed painkillers. While many patients have no trouble using painkillers the correct way and can easily stop treatment once their pain has ended, there are more cases of people becoming addicted and being unable to stop taking painkillers. Here are some warning signals that you may be experiencing an addiction to prescription painkillers.

Taking More Than Prescribed

One big sign that you may be getting close to having a problem with prescription painkillers is if you are taking more than your recommended dose. In some situations, patients gradually increase their dose of medication to control pain. While this may offer short-term relief, it can be dangerous to go against your doctor’s directions. It’s best to follow all safe dosing recommendations.

Attempting To Get More Pills

Another sign that you may be veering into addictive behaviors is if you engage in pill seeking. If you attempt to gain additional prescriptions from other doctors that is known as pill shopping. This is a big warning sign that something is seriously wrong. If you’re looking for other alternatives to your prescription painkiller, like street drugs, you may have a substance abuse problem.

Thinking About Your Next Dose

People getting dangerously close to addiction or those who are in the throes of addiction also may have trouble keeping their thoughts under control. They may be constantly thinking about taking their next painkiller dose, even hours before they are due. If this sounds familiar it may be time to consider getting help from a rehab facility such as Peak Addiction Recovery Center. It’s difficult to tackle addiction on your own, and it can sometimes be dangerous to your health.

Using Painkillers Long-Term

Painkillers are supposed to be used on a temporary basis for an injury, sudden body pain, or a recovery from a surgical procedure. Using heavy painkillers over many months or years is not always the best course of action. Medical providers often look to other therapies to manage chronic pain. If you have been taking painkillers for a long period of time, this may be a warning sign of addiction.

Noticing Changes in Your Appearance

Over time, if you are struggling with a problem with substance abuse, you may also notice changes to your appearance. Some patients may lose their appetite when using painkillers, and that could result in weight loss over a period of several weeks. Some opioid users also don’t put as much effort into their appearance and may appear to be disheveled or unkempt.

Neglecting Responsibilities

A big sign that you have ventured into an addiction to painkillers is if you notice you are starting to neglect your responsibilities. Showing up late to work, not paying attention to your children, and simply withdrawing from things you used to love to do all may be a sign that you need help. If your pain and your painkillers are all that you can focus on, you may have a serious problem.

Prescription drug abuse is something you shouldn’t be ashamed of. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling with a potential addiction.


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