The health benefits of playing hockey

Many adults born in the sixties or seventies will be able to recall the halcyon days of their childhood. Long summer days spent outdoors, playing games with friends all day and only heading home when hunger took over and sandwiches or pocket money had run out.

Sadly, times have changed and many children no longer spend as much time outdoors. In fact, according to the Guardian, shocking statistics reveal that many children now spend fewer hours outdoors in the fresh air than prisoners. And it’s not just children who are spending more time indoors and online. Statistics suggest that the average person now spends longer each day on electronic devices than they do sleeping.

So, getting involved in a sport can provide some real health benefits as well as a new social circle. Hockey is one such sport so let’s take a look in more detail at some of the benefits.

Health benefits in detail

Hockey provides players with a cardiovascular workout, which raise the heart rate and helps to burn calories. The stop-start nature of the game provides a real high-intensity cardiovascular exercise, boosting a player’s metabolism and increasing the number of calories burnt.

Players also benefit from improved muscle strength and tone, particularly in the legs, as well as better balance and coordination. Many coaches will use a hockey drill video to ensure that training sessions focus on all the skills you need for the game, which in turn means that you will get a full body workout. The release of endorphins during any exercise also helps to give your brain a boost which can help to improve your mood.

Associated risks and costs

As with any contact sport, hockey can have its dangers but with the right protective clothing, the risks of injury can be reduced. If you join a hockey club you might be able to borrow some of this equipment in the short term and you are also more likely to be able to improve your skills on the field with a hockey drill video as part of their training programme.

However, in the longer term, if you decide to play the sport more seriously or at a professional level, you are likely to need to invest in a hockey stick, the correct footwear, some shin pads and perhaps a gum shield.

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