Nature seems to have all the answers to the various human sickness and diseases.  Check many of the vegetables and fruits surrounding us and you will find several components and ingredients that can make life a lot more interesting and healthy to humans.  One of such ingredients present in these natural products is inositol.  Inositol can take care of several human ailments, including depression. Inositol for depression was investigated long ago and the ingredient has been discovered to be one of the most reliable natural products for this purpose.

Sources of inositol

Inositol is 100% natural and can be found in several foods, like sesame seeds, corn, brown rice, beans and other fiber-rich foods. Also, inositol can be found in citrus fruits and cantaloupe. Aside from the food and fruit sources of inositol, it is also presented in the form of supplements and you can take it as a remedy for several health problems including psychological conditions like depression.  Since it is natural in origin, side effects of inositol are rare. Consequently, you can buy it over the counter and take it without the fear of coming down with any side effect whatsoever.

Its origin

Inositol was first discovered in 1850 and its name originates from the Greek work “inos” and extracted by Scherrer in 1850.  Several studies have been carried out about this product and many benefits have been attached to it over the years.  one of such benefits is in the treatment of depression and inositol for depression seems to be one of the most reliable ways out of the ailment since it is not accompanied by any side effect whatsoever, provided the patient uses the supplement in line with recommendation.

Some of the benefits

Inositol has several benefits to humans. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Inositol can store amino acids in the body
  • It can equally strengthen the immune system
  • It is involved in metabolizing amino acids

Its medical applications are more than the few points provided above. In fact, it is currently being studied for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  It may also become one of the best natural products for treating conditions like schizophrenia and autism.

Side effects of inositol are few and rare. When they ever occur, they are mild and can be taken care of easily. In most instances, the side effects come up due to the use of excess dose. As a result, it is advisable to always carry your doctor along before you start using the inositol supplement.

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