Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Brings Hope To Children With Autism Symptoms

Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy Brings Hope To Kids With Autism Signs

Current research within the medical world, on autism signs and autism remedy, convey not solely hope, however precise assist, to households with autistic youngsters. Lead doctor and researcher, Daniel Rossignol, M.D., treats youngsters with autism. Seeing his sufferers enhance with hyperbaric oxygen remedy led him to conduct the primary massive scale, double-blind, managed examine to look at the effectiveness hyperbarics for autism remedy. And, the outcomes of this examine exhibit constructive enhancements.

What occurs within the HBOT Chamber – Hyperbaric oxygen remedy historically includes inhaling as much as 100% oxygen at a stress higher than 1 ambiance (atm) in a pressurized chamber. Within the first randomized, managed, double-blind multicenter trial, printed in BMC Pediatrics and entitled “Hyperbaric treatment for children with autism: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, controlled trial.” Dr. Rossignol and colleagues, from 6 facilities within the USA, studied 62 youngsters, aged 2-7 years, to evaluate the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen remedy in youngsters exhibiting autism signs.

The analysis trial concludes that youngsters with autism who acquired hyperbaric for autism remedy in HBOT Chambers at 1.three atmospheres and 24% oxygen for 40 hourly periods had vital enhancements in total functioning, receptive language, social interplay, eye contact, and sensory/cognitive consciousness in comparison with youngsters who acquired barely pressurized room air.

The kids have been randomly assigned to both 40 hours of hyperbaric remedy at 1.three atm and 24% oxygen (remedy group) or barely pressurized room air at 1.03 atm and 21% oxygen (non-treatment group). Medical outcomes have been evaluated by three completely different scales: the Medical International Impression (CGI) scale, the Aberrant Habits Guidelines (ABC), and the Autism Remedy Analysis Guidelines (ATEC).

Dr. Rossignol stated, “In our study, we observed significant improvements in several core autistic behaviors with the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment at 1.3 atm compared to children receiving near-placebo treatment. These findings confirm what we are seeing in clinical practice–that many children with autism may benefit with the use of this treatment.”

Director of the Worldwide Hyperbarics Affiliation, Shannon Kenitz, stated, “With autism on the rise, it is promising to see a study that has been conducted with the high standards endorsed by the medical community. Having this scientifically controlled and analyzed study that shows the positive effects of hyperbarics is truly what this community has needed. The study not only presents the benefit of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for children with autism, but also gives families the hope that so many other therapies have failed to do.”

“The impact of this study on the autism community is significant. It brings validity to a successful intervention that needs to become part of mainstream medicine,” commented Kyle Van Dyke, M.D., and Autism Specialist from Madison, Wisconsin.

The rising concern concerning autism on this nation is strengthened by the critically excessive rating this examine as earned by BMC Pediatrics. It’s at present probably the most accessed article and projected to proceed to climb in significance.

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