Stop Drugging Our Kids

Cease Drugging Our Youngsters

Cease Drugging Our Youngsters

A New Answer for the ADD to Autism Downside

There is a new reasonably priced various to harmful medicine for the ADD-Autism continuum!
In contrast to medicine, there are NO dangerous unintended effects.  In contrast to Neurofeedback (AKA EEG
Biofeedback, lengthy proved one of the best remedy), it is reasonably priced for even low earnings households. 

For about 40 years, EEG Biofeedback (now referred to as Neurofeedback or NeuroTherapy) has proved to be the simplest for “training” youngsters out of the ADD/ADHD/Autism signs.  It takes between 50-60 half hour periods to get an ADD/ADHD little one that sits nonetheless in school, concentrating and studying (and who would not freak out the category together with his hyperactivity).  It may possibly take as much as 200 or extra periods to enhance an autistic little one near this identical superb.

The main downside to Neurofeedback Coaching is {that a} half hour session in a Neurofeedback clinic prices between $75 and $250.  The pc and the EEG BF unit are costly, and “doctor time” is all the time costly.  (One psychiatrist is reputed to really cost $350 per half hour – and with out a gun!).

 What number of households can actually afford $5000 or extra in a 12 months?  What number of households that may afford this excessive quantity wish to spend this a lot?  What number of households are persuaded by convincing drug adverts and the faculties (with subsidies from the drug makers) that medicine are the best way to go?  (In any case, medicine are lined underneath most medical insurance and are “free” in impact – cash, a robust motive). 
The upper earnings households could also be prepared to afford this, “knowing” that these medicine are all harmful.  However mid and low earnings households haven’t any actual selection besides Ritalin and the remainder of these medicine.  All such medicine have unintended effects of dependancy (Ritalin and most others comprise methylphenidate and  are principally the identical because the unlawful road drug referred to as “Speed”).  All will be addictive, and a few have even prompted deaths.  Not a very good resolution in any respect! 

Now there’s Dr Bate’s Neuroliminal Mind Wave Coaching.  By means of a posh subliminal messaging beneath a soothing surf sound, the identical mind waves which are modified in amplitude by Neurofeedback are equally modified by Neuroliminal Coaching.  Neuroliminal does the identical issues that Neurofeedback does – specifically change mind wave amplitudes! 

Most frequently it is performed by “sleep therapy”.  Merely activate a CD participant at a cushty quantity and let the soothing sound of surf allow you to sleep.  You could hear a faint “mumble” of a voice within the distance, nevertheless it’s solely a faint mumble, and would not trouble you.  (Sure, Neuroliminal Coaching additionally solves Insomnia issues!) 

Some individuals use it solely this manner and others have used it throughout the day whereas doing different issues, comparable to housekeeping, or pc work, or just studying or stress-free. 

There have been four volunteer assessments beginning in 2004.  The primary two merely elevated the amplitude of 1 explicit mind wave (referred to as SMR).  21 individuals despatched in weekly knowledge (with feedback) for 4 weeks within the first take a look at.  This knowledge clearly confirmed two of Dr Bate’s theories had been “probably” appropriate:
    1.  Subliminal messaging does work and is analogous to EEG Biofeedback /NFB coaching.
    2.  Elevating the amplitude of the SMR mind wave in some way adjustments the actual have an effect on on the mind from varied allergens.  (Sure, Virginia, unknown allergy could cause just about each identified “psychological illness).

Of curiosity on this first take a look at, three ADHD youngsters who had failed with EEG Biofeedback additionally failed right here.  Whereas disappointing on the time, it is one other illustration of the similarity between Neuroliminal Coaching and EEG Biofeedback Coaching. 

The second take a look at was comparable and the outcomes had been even higher after a number of small adjustments had been made.  As well as, a number of of the volunteers misplaced their despair, and a number of other solved their Insomnia downside.   (One lady psychologist not solely misplaced her despair, however did not get it again when she was identified with breast most cancers quickly after.)

The following volunteer take a look at in 2005 price $100 deposit to affix (to make sure that they despatched again knowledge for eight weeks).  It was designed specifically for ADD/ADHD.  NASA analysis clearly confirmed that decreasing the amplitude of the Theta mind wave elevated focus (consideration).  Neurofeedback Coaching makes use of each elevating SMR and decreasing Theta.  So, that was the Neuroliminal design for this take a look at.
23 individuals despatched in knowledge – both for the total eight weeks, or till they felt they’d “solved their problem”. Of this 23, ALL improved.  Just one individual requested for his or her $100 deposit again.  The weekly feedback confirmed clearly that Neuroliminal was similar to Neurofeedback in outcomes.   (There have been two autistic youngsters on this take a look at, they usually additionally improved and continued to coach.  Autism requires far more time after all).

The final volunteer take a look at was designed for Autism and different tough circumstances.  Along with elevating SMR and decreasing Theta, a rise in mind blood circulate was added.  (That is analogous to HEG biofeedback which is usually part of Neurofeedback used for Autism, Mind Harm, and Stroke).

The 9 autistic youngsters ranged in age from 3.5 years previous to 11.  All improved! Some dramatically – some slowly – as could be anticipated – and once more usually in the identical method as is normally skilled with EEG Biofeedback!  None of those households requested for his or her deposit again!

Neither Neuroliminal nor Neurofeedback can declare 100% success.  Clearly, there are different elements that will contribute to those “diseases”, significantly Autism.  Nevertheless, the success fee for ADD/ADHD is identical for each – about 85%.  

The success fee for Melancholy might be considerably much less (not sufficient knowledge as but), and the success fee for Insomnia exhibits about 90+% thus far.  (11 out of 12 reporting).

There’s now an reasonably priced  substitute for these harmful medicine.  Let’s cease drugging our youngsters!

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